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Ipak Yoli Mobile

Ipak Yoli Mobile
Category: Services
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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Ipak Yoli Mobile is a mobile client of an Uzbekistani bank named Ipak Yoli. Through the program, users can transfer money, keep track of their finances and so on. Also, the utility has a built-in map, on which you can find ATMs, exchange offices and branches of the bank. There is a multi-lingual interface with support for Uzbek, English and Russian.


The program can be used by clients of the previously specified bank. At the first activation of the utility, the user will need to register. Then authorization by password and login will be available. It is worth noting that some options of the program can be used without logging into the account. Among such options: the location of ATMs, the current exchange rate of different currencies, contacting the support service and so on. Thanks to the utility, a person is able to carry out various transactions, including sending money to other accounts. In addition, the program allows you to pay for water supply, electricity and other utilities. It is possible to order bank cards through the mobile program. In this case, the user will only need to come to the bank branch to pick up the ready card. All other actions are performed online. If necessary, the user can use the function of converting funds into American dollars and other currencies. The possibility of selling the available currency is also available.

Built-in card

The creators added a map to the program. With its help, a person can find the location of exchange offices, ATMs and company branches. To use this feature, the user will have to turn on GPS and allow the application to track his location.


  • Multilingual interface;
  • Free utility from the bank called Ipak Yuli;
  • Ability to perform various transactions, including paying fines and loans;
  • Correct work on current versions of OC;
  • There is a map for finding ATMs and other things.
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