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Philips Headset

Philips Headset
Category: Players
System: Android 2.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 182


Philips Headset is a mobile utility designed for owners of Philips branded headphones and headsets. There are many customizable settings, including volume control. It is possible to change the method of switching music tracks.

Start using

To use this utility, the user needs branded headphones or a headset. If a suitable device is available, the user can open the program and begin to adjust the sound. It should be noted that the software independently determines the model of the headset or headphones after they are connected. If for some reason the application failed to recognize the device, then a person is allowed to manually select a model from an extensive list.

Customizing the control and sound

In the corresponding section of the program there are settings for controlling the headset and headphones. Here a person can choose which keys will be responsible for different actions. For example, the user is allowed to change the button for switching the music song, answering an incoming call, increasing or decreasing the volume, and so on. Through the mobile utility you can customize the sound. Changing the sound is done in an unusual way. A special tab with a colored rectangle is available in the program. Here the user is allowed to move the circle until he is satisfied with the sound. The red corner is responsible for the power of the sound, the blue one for the brightness. In the lower half of the rectangle there are orange and green colors. The first is responsible for warmth, and the second for clarity. You can adjust the parameters directly while listening to songs.


  • Russian language interface;
  • Completely free utility for new and old versions of Android;
  • There is an opportunity to customize the sound;
  • The utility works with Philips branded devices;
  • You can change the control buttons.
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