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IslamUa is a utility that was created specifically for Muslims who live in Ukraine. The application was created by the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine. The utility has all the necessary data and functions that will be needed to perform namaz, search for mosques and so on. For example, the application can help you set the right direction to Kibu, help you schedule your namaz and so on.

Menus and features

For better structuring, the program offers to select a certain section in the main menu. In this way, you can access only the features you need at the moment. For example, in one of the sections you can access the texts of the Quran, get directions to Kiba, see the calendar for making namaz, get the addresses and a complete list of halal stores, and so on. One can even make various donations that are aimed at promoting Islam.


There are also a few additional features that you may find interesting. For example, inside IslamUa you can find a list of job openings for Muslims to get a job. There is also a tab with services, a set of media content with lessons and materials aimed at Muslims, and so on. There are even YouTube channels where you can get more information.

Counseling and News

Thanks to the tab with consultations, anyone can get access to solving questions about family, faith and other subtleties of Muslim life. There is even a separate set of consultations specifically for women. A separate tab with news will help to learn about the life of Muslims in the country, new events and actions that are prepared by the community. The feed is regularly updated.

Main features

  • The program is designed for Muslims in Ukraine;
  • It is possible to simplify the performance of namaz;
  • There is a lot of information about institutions in the country, faith and community of Muslims;
  • There is a tab with news and consultations.

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