Cross DJ

Cross DJ
Category: Players
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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Cross DJ is a special program that will be appreciated by DJs who are professionally engaged in this activity. With its help you can mix tracks and use a variety of effects. The software is based on a personal sound engine and it is compatible with many other software. The interface is made in such a way that it is easier for users to master the capabilities of this mobile client, so experienced users should have no problems with it.


The presented program includes a huge number of diverse features that allow you to implement a variety of targeted tasks. For example, here you can synchronize tracks, equalize the levels of the composition, split track listening, use the auto mix and quantize mode, as well as adjust the pitch range. It is characterized by minimal latency, which is quite advantageous. Everyone can use about 70 samples and different types of loops, as well as record personalized mixes. Finished works can be shared on social networks and other famous platforms. In addition, users can work with the mixer, which is built into the software. The utility supports many controllers and provides multichannel sound.


The main display contains DJ decks, a three-way mixer and a crossfader. The decks can be opened in different tabs. The mobile client supports audio of various formats, including the most popular ones. Songs can be sorted by album, artist and title. Folders can be managed, so you can perform appropriate operations with them.


  • Ability to download and use the program for free on android gadgets;
  • a great tool for professional DJs;
  • the ability to create musical compositions in virtual space;
  • huge assortment of samples and loops.
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