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System: Android 2.3
Program Status: Free
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DomoMeter is a special software, thanks to which users can keep track of utility payments. It gives the opportunity to take readings, as well as to track the statistics of consumption costs. If desired, you can set up notifications that will timely remind you of the need to make the transfer and readings. The application stores meter readings for electricity, gas, water and other utilities. This is very convenient, as everything will be stored in one place. The interface is made in such a way that users were comfortable to use it, so the design is simple and concise, and all the necessary features are structured in the appropriate categories.

Important information

During the first launch of the program, you need to allow it access to the internal memory of the mobile device and multimedia files. This is required in order to create backups and export relevant information.


The main menu includes cards with meter readings for the current month, reminders and payment information. To open the interface, click on the button located in the upper left corner. Here the user will be able to choose one of the categories, which are presented in a large number. For example, with the help of the journal, you can enter readings for services, and the tab for current tariffs gives the opportunity to enter accounting. There are also sections for adding services and meters. Services imply usage without metering devices. That is, they are housing and utilities services that are paid by a fixed amount, area or number of tenants. The accounts category includes information on debts and payments. With its help, you can send readings to the desired company by SMS or e-mail. If desired, you can print the readings via the printer offered or back them up.

Generating statistics

In addition to the above features, the application generates payment and consumption statistics. This allows you to track all the manipulations given.


  • Ability to keep records of housing and utility services;
  • the ability to store and send meter readings;
  • availability of statistics;
  • the ability to enable reminders about the need to pay for utilities.

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