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Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD
Category: Finance
System: Android 7.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 116


Emirates NBD is an Android client for the UAE-based bank of the same name. All basic operations are available, including money transfers and viewing statistics. You can sign up for new products and contact specialists.


The bank is on the list of the largest in the United Arab Emirates. After registration, you can open accounts without visiting the office. You can also apply for various products - plastic cards, loans and so on. The utility supports integration with services Google Pay , Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. The option allows you to pay for purchases using the NFC module. Today this technology is very widespread and allows you to quickly pay for goods or services using a mobile device.

Account management

To work with the application, you need to authenticate using the step-by-step instructions. After that, all information about the current products is uploaded to the personal cabinet. It is possible to check credit card transactions for an arbitrary period. The current debt, repayment schedule and other data are also displayed. There is a function of generating detailed reports with the required parameters, importing data into a file for further study is supported. The full list of available services is presented in the form of a convenient catalog. For navigation there is a panel with categories, there is a search form. There is a convenient panel for communication with the bank specialist. The answer comes quickly enough, the history of dialogs is saved. The developers note that the application provides a high level of data protection. A reliable data encryption algorithm is used. It is possible to activate additional confirmation for operations.


  • official client of Emirates NBD Bank;
  • account registration and management;
  • investment portfolio creation;
  • PIN-code protection is supported;
  • integration with contactless payment services;
  • free download.

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