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Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender
Category: Antiviruses
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
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Microsoft Defender is a mobile antivirus that allows you to monitor the activity of dangerous software, prevent hacker attacks and so on. The program is developed by Microsoft. There is localization into Russian, English and a number of other languages.

Device security

The mobile utility is able to scan the user's gadget to find dangerous software, including trojans, viruses and network worms. At the same time, the software uses advanced technologies running on the servers of the American company. This ensures reliable protection of the portable gadget while minimizing the use of system resources. After the software detects malicious elements, the user can remove them. As a result, the mobile device will be protected from the activity of dangerous software. The user can view the history of detecting Trojans and other malware in a separate tab of the mobile program. The person is also allowed to customize the degree of protection of the gadget.

Internet protection

In addition to the previously mentioned features, the mobile antivirus is able to monitor the user's safety when he visits various websites. The application is able to detect suspicious activity on an Internet resource and warn the person about it. It is worth noting that the utility is able to recognize different types of threats, including insecure connections. The program automatically checks for reliability of any Internet links that come to the user in messengers and SMS messages. In addition, the application is able to scan the contents of e-mails. The developers advise giving the utility the right to work in the background. This is necessary to ensure constant protection from various types of threats.


  • Multifunctional antivirus from Microsoft Corporation;
  • Free download and subsequent application;
  • Availability of an option to scan the gadget to detect dangerous files;
  • Allowed to customize the level of protection;
  • Guaranteed work on modern versions of Android system;
  • Automatic checking of incoming SMS messages and e-mails.
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