Category: Social media
System: Android 7.0
Program Status: Free
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Threads is a mobile social network client from Meta Corporation. There is an opportunity to post text publications. You can subscribe to other participants of the online service. Authorization occurs through a profile from the platform Instagram there is a Russian-language interface.


A person will first need to log in to the platform through an account from the social network Instagram. If desired, the user is able to save his nickname from the previously specified service. When the authorization process is completed, the user will have access to all the features of the mobile application. It is worth noting that the first time the utility is turned on, the person will be shown a list of users to whom he is likely to want to subscribe. The recommendations offered to the user are based on his activity in Instagram.

Service functionality

The online service is designed for posting various publications and reading the posts of other members of the social network. In this respect, the utility is similar to Twitter. A post published by a user gets into the general feed, where it can meet both his subscribers and other users. When viewing the feed with publications, a person is able to comment on them, as well as put likes. Additionally, there is an opportunity to share the post with your audience or send a link to it to other social networks and messengers, including Facebook and Viber. The service features private chats. When communicating through such chats, the user is allowed not only to type text, but also to attach graphic content and internet links. The user is allowed to constantly change his status. This allows the audience to know what the user is doing at the moment. Among the available statuses are: at home, in the gym, in the movie theater, in nature and so on.


  • Online service for socializing and posting text publications;
  • Compatibility with the latest Android versions;
  • Availability of personal correspondence;
  • Free installation and subsequent use;
  • Large selection of various statuses.
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