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RegionLock Away

RegionLock Away
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 105


The purpose of the program is to bypass the regional lock on Galaxy Note 3 mobile devices, which is installed by Samsung during their production.

The gray market of mobile gadgets

RegionLock Away utility for Android smartphones is highly popular among owners of Galaxy Note 3 mobile devices. At the stage of pre-orders and early sales, many connoisseurs of Samsung products because of the affordable cost and short delivery time bought them on the gray market or on Chinese trading platforms. The models sold in such places were not intended for Russian consumers and were imported without paying taxes and customs duties. Samsung foresaw this possibility and implemented factory locking of the devices.

Regional blocking

Galaxy Note 3 mobile devices are blocked when a SIM card with a different region of use than the factory SIM card is inserted. After that, most of the functions on the mobile gadget, including voice calls and SMS, become inaccessible. The main purpose of the RegionLock Away program for Android is to provide an opportunity to bypass the lock and completely remove the factory denial of service when using any SIM cards. It should be borne in mind that for proper unlocking you need to grant root access to the program before it is carried out.

Main features

  • the utility provides the ability to remove the regional lock of the smartphone;
  • you can download and use the application for free;
  • access to the root rights of the smartphone is required;
  • the program is suitable for Galaxy Note 3 smartphone owners;
  • the utility takes a little space in the memory of the mobile gadget;
  • the interface is characterized by simplicity and convenience;
  • all working versions of Android are supported.

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