Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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AIV is an Android application that allows you to read books in augmented reality mode. It is possible to get three-dimensional models of animals and various objects on the screen. Stable work on various devices is provided.


The built-in catalog contains a large number of encyclopedias and works in different genres. Augmented reality mode allows you to point the smartphone camera at the picture and see the analog in 3D mode. The built-in algorithm recognizes objects and brings them to life. The screen at this moment displays a list of available actions and hints. This allows you to diversify the reading mode. There is a built-in library with children's books, encyclopedias and works by famous authors. The content is divided into categories, there is a search form by keywords, additional filters and sorting mode. Developers periodically update the library, adding new editions.

Working principle

After installing the program, you need to allow access to the built-in camera. Next, you need to upload the file of the selected e-book. It should be taken into account that switching to AV mode is available only for books whose title is present in the catalog. All works are accompanied by a description, which allows you to find out technical information and page numbers with pictures that support this mode. Then it will remain only to point the camera, activation of the mode is automatic. A full description of the principle of operation can be found in the main menu. All technical requirements for correct operation are listed. A selection of recommendations is also provided. There is a description of the application and information about the developers.


  • the program allows you to read books with drawings in augmented reality mode;
  • large selection of books;
  • only books that are present in the catalog are supported;
  • access to the camera is required;
  • free download.

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