Category: Services
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
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The official EXMO utility for Android smartphones was developed by the cryptocurrency exchange of the same name. It allows you to buy and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, XRP, LTC, ETH, etc.


The program provides access to the EXMO crypto exchange and wallet. The total number of cryptocurrencies supported by the platform exceeds 50. It is possible to perform transactions with fiat currencies, including dollars, euros, hryvnias and rubles. To trade on the crypto exchange, you just need to replenish your balance. The utility provides the ability to transfer money via bank card or payment systems, including Visa QIWI Wallet and PAYEER. The application provides various types of orders. There are graphs that visually display the dynamics of cryptocurrency rates in online mode.


The cryptocurrency wallet is protected by Ledger Vault technology. The user can use the order book and monitor the history of transactions. The utility shows the PnL indicator, which reflects the ratio of gains and losses. It allows you to follow the dynamics of the cryptocurrency rate to sell or buy it at a favorable price. The program demonstrates the effectiveness of the portfolio from the moment of registration of the user. Viewing statistics for the last seven days is available. The program shows the current balance of funds. It is possible to see its value in different currencies at the current rate.

Main features

  • the program is the official client of the EXMO crypto exchange for mobile devices;
  • tracking the dynamics of cryptocurrency rates is available;
  • there is a referral program;
  • news of the cryptocurrency market is published;
  • the utility can be downloaded and used for free;
  • there is an opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrencies;
  • the program is compatible with working versions of Android OS.
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