VCE Simulator

VCE Simulator
Category: Education and e-books
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 110


VCE Simulator is an Android application that allows you to prepare for exams in some English-speaking countries. You can study materials on the topic and take practice tests.


The program is aimed at users who plan to get higher or secondary education. A number of tests are required for access. The program supports downloading and opening vce files, which allows you to find the right direction and prepare for the exam. The number of attempts is not limited, which allows you to study at any time. The utility can be used to prepare for Cisco, Oracle, HP and other large companies' exams. You can work with several files simultaneously by pausing the tests. Information about all active and passed exams is saved in a separate tab. You can return to the training if necessary.


To access the service, you must first register on the website. After that, you can log in to the application with a new profile. The user searches for files with exams on his/her own - there are many catalogs on the web with the function of searching for the required material. Import is done through the menu, no additional file customization is required. After importing into the program, it becomes possible to take the training. Files are accompanied by a brief description, the number of questions and file size are displayed. In the parameters you can change the exam pattern. For example, it is possible to change the allotted time, the number of tests, the type of sorting and so on. This allows you to choose the most comfortable mode, as well as maximize the adaptation of the exam to the real conditions. After the test is completed, a detailed report is displayed. The number of correct answers, the percentage of errors and the final grade are displayed. In case of a bad result, the program will offer the user to retake the test. The user can trace difficult topics and repeat the material. In the process of work, it is worth considering that some questions imply the presence of several correct answers. The correct option can be viewed after receiving the result.


  • files with vce extension are supported;
  • the opportunity to prepare for the exam;
  • you can change the test mode and the allotted time;
  • display of statistics and list of correct answers;
  • free download.

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