Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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SubsCrab is an Android application that allows you to conveniently keep track of internet subscriptions. You can create a general list of services with the amount, method and date of payment. This will allow you not to get confused and to pay or disconnect subscriptions in time - nowadays this problem is urgent for many users.

Registration and customization

The application allows you to activate a virtual assistant who will control the status of subscriptions. For authorization you can use accounts Google or Facebook then select your country of residence. Based on the specified country, the program selects the current catalog of recommendations and subscriptions. If necessary, you can change the country. The search function and a set of filters are supported. In the settings you can specify a convenient currency and change the display parameters.


A separate section allows you to create a list of registered subscriptions. It is possible to divide records into categories for easy navigation. For example, it can be entertainment, movies, education, and so on. This greatly simplifies the work with the data set. A list of popular services is provided, including Spotify, Yandex Plus, and YouTube Premium. When you select the desired platform, you can find out all the necessary information, including the cost and payment scheme. There is a keyword search form. Once selected, you can manually fill in all the necessary information - the tariff plan, payment schedule, and so on. It is possible to additionally label notes using color. You can add notes and customize the notification mode. A previously created record can be edited or deleted, all available options are displayed in a separate panel.


  • The program allows you to track subscriptions to various services;
  • currency and country selection;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • after selecting a country, a catalog of available platforms is formed;
  • customization of notifications;
  • free download.

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