Category: Other (Network)
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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Yggdrasil is an Android program that allows you to access the Mesh platform. The service provides access to the alternative Internet, which is based on a large number of nodes in different countries.


The service deploys an overlay network, which uses the principle of zero-setup for operation. The Cjdns protocol is responsible for the operability. These conditions allow you to create a simple network with a high level of protection and good scalability. To start and work it is enough to know the source routes. The program allows you to use a new infra structure on top of the classic Internet. After configuration and connection, access to its own services is provided. The choice is made through a convenient catalog. The network can function in two modes: communication via the Internet and alternative connection. In the second case, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is used to connect to other nodes. The work is carried out at the third layer of the OSI model. All intermediate nodes form a single infrastructure, ensuring the delivery of data to the desired point.


More than 300 nodes are already available on the network, to which desktop and mobile systems can connect. They are physically located in many countries. This allows you to choose the optimal route to connect to another device. It should be taken into account that the platform does not allow you to connect to ordinary Internet sites. You can only work with the service's own resources. In the help section you can find a description of the principle of operation of the service, features, advantages and disadvantages. The process of initial setup and elimination of possible errors is described. In case of access problems, you can contact the support service through a separate form.


  • the ability to connect to the Yggdrasil network;
  • large selection of nodes;
  • supported connection mode via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi;
  • free download.
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