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System: Android 3.0
Program Status: Free
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AnkuLua is a software that allows you to create macros for repeating long or quick taps on the display. The utility can be used on Android devices such as tablets and phones. You can download ready-made macros.

Purpose of the utility

In some situations, the user may need to frequently press the touch display of a portable device. This applies to mobile video games, in which you need to constantly click on the screen. Thanks to the tools in this application, the user can avoid wasting time on manual clicks by setting up a special macro instead.

Preparation for use

Before starting to use this utility, a person needs to allow it to display on top of the rest of the software, as well as give access to the special features of the gadget. The person will then be able to turn on the mobile utility and start working on the macro.


The user is allowed to customize the work of the future script in detail. For example, a person can determine in which area of the screen the macro should be triggered. In addition, the software allows you to adjust the delay between clicks, the duration of a single click, and so on. If desired, a person is able to download ready-made macros from the network. This can be useful if the user is not well versed in the development of automatic scenarios. It should be noted that the downloaded macro must be in LUA format. Scripts with other extensions are not supported by the utility. When a suitable macro is downloaded, the user will need to enter the program and enter the exact path to the file.


  • English-language interface text;
  • Full functionality on new and old versions of OC;
  • It is possible to develop macros that are responsible for automatic clicks on the screen of the gadget;
  • Before you start using it, you need to give the application a few permissions;
  • Free download of the program and its further use;
  • It is allowed to download ready macros from the network with LUA extension.
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