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USSD Kodlar

USSD Kodlar
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 128


USSD Kodlar is a useful Android program whose functionality is available to residents of Uzbekistan. Thanks to the features presented in the application, users are able to explore the offers of different mobile operators, including UCell and Beeline. An option to purchase tariffs is available. The interface of the program is presented in Russian and Uzbek languages.

Operators' services

After activating the utility, the user is able to study information about all offers from the telecom operators operating in Uzbekistan. Among them are:
  • Beeline;
  • UCell;
  • Unitel;
  • Uzmobile.
A person can read about all tariff plans available with these operators. There is also an opportunity to learn about mobile Internet services. If necessary, the user can open a tab with USSD codes of different operators and numbers of their support services. In addition, the software has links to the official web pages of the represented companies.

Other features

Through the mobile utility a person can be authorized into the subscriber's personal account. Then the software will show the current balance status, the tariff used, as well as the remaining gigabytes of Internet and minutes of calls. In the parameters of the utility you can change the interface language. In total, there are two languages in this program. Namely Russian and Uzbek. Thanks to the program, a person is able to track the latest promotions and news from different operators. You can do this in the appropriate section called "Stocks and News".


  • Ability to read information about services provided by operators;
  • Easy to use multi-language interface;
  • Free installation of the utility and its application;
  • Support for many versions of Android;
  • Availability of news feed and catalog with all USSD codes;
  • Only subscribers from Uzbekistan can use this program.

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