Category: Entertainment
System: Android 7.0
Program Status: Free
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Geocaching is a mobile utility that opens access to interactive quests to find various treasures in the real world. It is possible to search for other people's geocaches as well as to hide your own. There is a forum and private correspondence to communicate with members of the community. Some features of the application are available only to paid subscribers.

Searching for geocaches

First, a person will be asked to create an account using information from a Google account. Next, the software will ask for the right to use geolocation. This is a mandatory requirement, without the fulfillment of which the mobile utility will not be able to function. When the previously specified actions will be performed by the user, he will get access to the built-in map. It displays the nearest treasures hidden by other participants of the interactive game. The user is allowed to choose any of the available hiding places and then go to it. If desired, a person is able to hide his own treasure and add a mark with it on the built-in map. It is worth noting that during the creation of the tag, the user will need to enter a description of the treasure and specify its exact location. After that, other players will be able to find the stash.

Social Features

Through the application you can communicate with other players. Also in the mobile utility there are statistics, showing the successes of the user. Such data is publicly available, which allows users to compete among themselves for the best results.


If a person signs up for a paid subscription, then additional functions will open to him. Among them: downloading information from the map to the gadget storage, displaying more treasures and so on.


  • Ability to search and create treasures;
  • Compatibility with the latest versions of mobile OC;
  • You need to create a profile before starting the game;
  • Availability of publicly available statistics with the achievements of the user;
  • Free access to the basic functions of the application;
  • After purchasing a subscription the offline mode is opened to the user;
  • There is a forum and private chats for communication with players.
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