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Ninja Jamm

Ninja Jamm
Category: Players
System: Android 2.3.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 172


Ninja Jamm is an official Android utility for working with the music service of the same name. You can mix foreign tracks without fear of copyright infringement claims. A large number of settings, instruments, effects and music tracks are available.


The program is developed and supported by specialists of the Ninja Tune studio company. Allows even users without experience to create unique compositions, experimenting with different rhythms and sounds. You can use shaking or tilting the device to control it. There is an extensive catalog of ready-made songs and tracks, the rights to which belong to the company. You can freely use them in your projects. This allows you to publish your work online without fear of being blocked after complaints from copyright holders.


A convenient workspace is used, all the main tools are collected on a separate panel. The timeline allows you to quickly trim the recording to the desired timestamp. You can also insert sound effects from the built-in catalog. There are quite a lot of items, but the categories make searching noticeably easier. The sample library is categorized for easy navigation, and all content is of maximum quality. You can find a large number of well-known compositions from Roots Manuva, Machinedrum, Bonobo and others. The program contains a built-in player that allows you to evaluate the current version of the project. The undo option allows you to return to the desired number of steps if the result does not suit the user. After completion, the audio can be immediately sent to your page in a social network and published on the Soundcloud platform. Before saving, you can select the basic parameters of the file.


  • A set of tools for creating music tracks;
  • catalog of free samples;
  • large selection of effects and filters;
  • free download.

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