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Category: Services
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 123


Famedgram utility for Android smartphones allows users to promote their social network account Instagram


first, you need to log in to Famedgram using your Instagram account login and password. After that, you can immediately start putting likes under the photos and videos of other users. In the future, they will begin to evaluate the photos of the user who has put likes in return and will subscribe to his page. Users are paid virtual coins for each like and for each subscription, which they can then use to pay for ordering tasks. For example, coins can be used to buy any number of subscriptions or likes under a certain post. The advantage of the program is that subscribers become live members of the social network, not bots. Thanks to this, users will actually be able to gather a large audience of live people.

Additional options

Users can receive messages about their subscribers and likes under their posts. In addition, the program will notify you when other users have completed a task they have ordered. It is possible to write to the developers to inform them about problems encountered while using the program or to express your gratitude to them. If there is no desire or possibility to earn virtual coins by subscribing and giving likes, users can buy them for real money.

Main features

  • The program is designed to promote pages in the social network Instagram;
  • the utility can be downloaded and used completely free of charge;
  • the user can send an e-mail message to the developers of the program;
  • to install the application you need to unprotect it in the Google Play store;
  • the program is compatible with all working versions of the Android operating system.

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