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System: Android 4.3
Program Status: Free
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KY FPV - This application assists users in controlling the quadcopter when it is in flight. People can get by using Wi-fi connection to control the drone using virtual joysticks. As a result, one can get various photos and videos of the desired locations from a bird's eye view. The program is based on the control of a quadrocopter, from which you can record video and sound, as well as take photos.

Drone control, application interface and additional functions

Before flying, you need to pair the aircraft and your mobile device so that they are in the same Wi-fi coverage area. Two virtual joysticks are provided for control. On the display you can notice the following buttons: changing the speed at different degrees, the process of photo and video shooting, fixing the altitude and other actions performed. If desired, you can add music to the resulting content, split the utility screen and recognize the gestures seen. In addition, correct the gyroscope and rotate the drone on a circular axis. The user can lay out the route of the quadrocopter in advance. In this case, timely respond to stops and landings in an emergency and promptly. You can control the flying drone by voice. In the course of shooting, you can change the focus manually. The picture can be zoomed in fifty times. To manage gestures, you need to carefully study the rules in a special section. For musical accompaniment to the resulting video material, you need to choose it in advance from the "RAM" of the device. In addition, you can additionally apply special effects with filters.

Qualities that distinguish from other similar analogs

This list can include the following points:
  • Installation and use is free of charge;
  • The operation is based on the control of unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • You can take video and photos from a height;
  • Can be controlled by voice and gesture;
  • It works seamlessly on all modern Android systems used on smartphones.

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