Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.0.3
Program Status: Free
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Fly GPS is an Android application that allows you to change the current geolocation information. It is also possible to simulate movement along a certain route. The platform will be useful if you need to test services that use the current coordinates and their changes for work.


To work with the program, you need to switch to the developer mode and select the installed application as a coordinate source. Then you need to launch the application and specify the desired location. The program allows you to enter coordinates manually or use the interactive map to specify the desired value. You can use the navigation bar and zoom function. You are also asked for permission to access the file system. On the next step you select static or dynamic mode of operation. In the first case, the specified coordinates are fixed and do not change when moving. To check it, you can go to a third-party geolocation service and check your position.


The dynamic mode allows you to simulate quite complex travel routes. In the simplest case, you select the start and end points, as well as one of the available movement patterns. A joystick is provided, which allows you to change coordinates in real time. All changes are displayed on the map in real time, which makes it easier to choose the direction and move along the desired route. All technical features of the program can be found in the help section. The main features, requirements and controls are listed. There are useful recommendations on how to improve the efficiency of the program.


  • possibility to change real coordinates;
  • popular coordinates can be added to Favorites;
  • you can simulate movement along a certain route;
  • a convenient map is built in;
  • requires activation of developer mode;
  • free download.
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