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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Torexo is the official Android client from the investment service of the same name. You can trade various currencies or work in investment mode. Professional traders independently analyze the market and invest clients' funds in the chosen directions. The platform has been functioning for many years and has quite a lot of positive feedback.

Basic principles

The service is based on multilevel marketing, and an affiliate program is actively used. It is worth considering that access to the functionality can be obtained only by invitation of another user. At the stage of entering the program, the login and password used for registration are specified. The system also asks for an invitation code, without it you will not be able to continue authorization.


The main direction of the company is trading. Specialists use trading operations with popular cryptocurrencies, Forex trading is also carried out. After registration, users can choose from the catalog and purchase various investment packages. They can have different parameters, including the level of profitability. All the necessary description is available on the package page, which makes it convenient to compare them. The rules of the service imply that users are guaranteed to receive the specified level of profit. At the same time, all risks are borne by the company. Within the framework of the referral program, users can invite other people to the project and receive a percentage of their savings. Several levels of referrals are used, all necessary statistics are displayed on a separate tab - the list of referred users, income and so on.


  • official client of the same name platform;
  • authorization requires an invitation code;
  • multi-level referral system;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • investment packages with different parameters;
  • free download.
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