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QR Pay from Modulbank

QR Pay from Modulbank
Category: Finance
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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QR Pay from Modulbank - the presented program helps entrepreneurs to carry out their business without using a terminal to accept payments. It works on all Android mobile devices to organize trade on the spot. The application is necessary for those who work as a cashier or courier. It conducts generation of codes for further scanning by consumers.

Requirements and features

You can take advantage of this program if you open an account with a banking institution of the same name when trading in retail. Then get a code in your profile when you need to start a startup in your business. A stable Internet connection is required for the normal operation of the utility. As for the operation of code generation, the user must enter the amount to be paid in the right box. Next, use the key, which gives out QR codes. Then the user scans this code to confirm the payment action. As the result the user receives information about the payment of goods in the online format, i.e. in the real time mode. The money is transferred to the seller's account almost instantly. Through the utility it is possible to return part of the money to the buyer. The commission fee on payment reaches 0.7% of the sale amount. For businessmen, the work of the program is carried out in free mode.

Distinctive features

The following points can be attributed to them:
  • Installation and use for users is completely free of charge;
  • The application is an official partner of Modulbank;
  • The program is necessary for all trading specialties, including cashiers and salespeople;
  • It is possible to pay without a terminal in retail trade;
  • A code is generated for payment actions on the part of the consumer;
  • Money is credited to the account in seconds;
  • There are no subscription fees;
  • The work is carried out on all modern Android systems that are relevant nowadays.

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