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Emirates Draw

Emirates Draw
Category: Services
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
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Emirates Draw is a mobile utility with an English-language interface that runs on modern versions of Android. Thanks to the functionality of the program, users get the opportunity to participate in the lottery held in the UAE. A tab with live streams is available, where the winners are announced.

Participation in the lottery

After opening the utility, the user can register to get the opportunity to participate in the largest lottery of the previously specified state. It is worth noting that the organizers of drawings give away different sums of money to the winners, up to one million UAE dirhams. Participation in the draws conducted through the program is not free. To get a chance to win, a person needs to purchase a coral polyp. It is sold in some retail chains as well as on the organizers' website. More details about the lottery can be studied in the program itself. Earlier it was mentioned that one can participate in large lotteries only after purchasing a coral polyp. This is due to the fact that the organizers of these raffles are engaged in active restoration of the coastal zones of the state. To fulfill the goal set by the creators, they need to plant more than a million coral polyps.


The software has a special section with live broadcasts. The organizers of this lottery announce the winners. Streams are held every week. The exact time of the next broadcast can be found out through the built-in schedule. Through the mobile utility, the user can find out about all the past lucky winners. Next to each user who has won a prize, displays the time of winning.


  • A program that allows you to win cash prizes;
  • The lottery is held in the UAE and you need to buy a special polyp to participate;
  • There is a tab with live streaming;
  • Full compatibility with new versions of the Android system.

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