Category: Antiviruses
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 125


Sophos is an Android app that provides comprehensive protection for your device against advanced threats. It checks the pages you open, content you download, third-party requests and more. Built-in security check of your current network connection.


After installation, the program asks for permission to access internal storage, geolocation and work in the background. The app also uses technical data about the smartphone's operation.


At the first launch, a full scan is automatically launched. The final report contains information about the detected malware, as well as the overall level of protection. A separate tab contains recommendations on how to fix the problems found. The start page allows you to customize the filtering of Internet pages by content. A separate module allows you to check the Wi-Fi connection to assess its security level. If a malicious module is detected, the application isolates its activity and displays a notification. The name of the virus and the threat level are displayed. To eliminate it, it is enough to click on the corresponding button. After cleaning, the program will continue working in the background.

Additional options

Additional tools are available in the main menu. This category includes a QR code scanner, a password manager and a tool for protecting installed applications. On a separate page you can find a list of granted permissions, and it is possible to change them. A one-time password generator for two-factor authentication is built in.


  • protection of mobile device from various devices;
  • site verification
  • Wi-Fi testing;
  • recommendations for troubleshooting detected problems;
  • password manager;
  • free download.
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