Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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SafeTrain is an Android application that allows you to prevent dangerous situations on railroad tracks. It tracks your route and alerts you when you approach a danger zone.


The utility is aimed at children, but the functionality is suitable for adults. After setting up the program will independently track the user's approach to a dangerous area. If the device approaches less than 70 meters from the railroad track, the music in the headphones is automatically blocked. Listening to music is often the cause of injuries - users simply cannot react to warning signals. The driver is not always able to stop the train, even if he sees a person on the track. As the distance decreases further, a vibration signal and an audible alert are activated. A separate section contains a selection of theoretical materials on the rules of behavior on the railway tracks. The pictures simulate various situations with explanatory text. Since the application is aimed at children, the main focus is on graphic content.


For correct operation, you must provide access to the GPS module. It must be activated beforehand so that the application can receive data. There is also a simple registration on the route tracking service. It is enough to specify your e-mail and come up with a password. The program will automatically send the route to an external server. It is possible to customize the frequency of sending data. This will increase the battery life. In the settings, you can select the optimal notification mode. For example, you can activate the silent mode, in which only light indication is carried out.


  • The program allows you to warn about approaching railway crossings;
  • information about the rules of behavior in the danger zone;
  • the application is child-oriented;
  • geolocation data is used;
  • customization of the alert mode;
  • free download.

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