Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.1
Program Status: Free
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Countdown is a handy timer for Android. You can customize notifications, change the theme and use a desktop widget. You can keep track of the time until a holiday or important event.


Utility developed by specialists of the site, which is dedicated to world time. Allows you to automatically count the days until a certain date. Days, seconds, hours and minutes are displayed. The notification mode can be changed.


To create a new timer, click on the plus icon. A form will be displayed, which you need to fill in - event name, location, time and date. You can create several timers, guided by their names. It is possible to customize the design theme. A separate option is responsible for ticking sounds. You can customize the widget to match the current desktop design and select the format of data output. After the event occurs, the timer is automatically removed from the list, making room for the nearest date. The current region can be specified manually or allow access to the geolocation module. The program supports all time zones and more than 5 thousand major cities. Specifying a location allows you to automatically take into account the transition to winter or summer time. This will eliminate the need to adjust the parameters manually. It should be taken into account that some of the functions are available only after activation of the subscription. The full list and all conditions are available in the main menu. If there are any difficulties in the process of registration, you can contact the support service through the application. The help section also contains all the necessary information on working with the application. Specifies the available settings, technical requirements, list of permissions and so on.


  • Automatic daylight saving time or winter time changeover;
  • widget support;
  • notifications can be customized;
  • you can use an external file for design;
  • free download.

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