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System: Android 7.0
Program Status: Free
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Quickify utility for Android smartphones allows users to speed up reading various texts in electronic form. They can be voiced using the built-in speech synthesizer. Increase in reading speed is provided thanks to the Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) methodology.

Available formats

The application allows you to read and listen to texts. The list of supported formats includes DOCX, PDF, RTF, FB2, TXT, EPUB and others. In addition, reading the content of website pages is also available.

RSVP methodology

Increasing the speed of information perception is provided with the help of RSVP methodology. Its main principle is the location of text parts on one section of the display. Thanks to this user gets rid of the need to move the eye in the process of reading and perceives the text faster by more than two times. No special training is needed to use this method.

Additional options

The utility has a function of converting text into sound. The user can select voices, synthesizer type, and also adjust the reading speed. Support for different languages with individual settings for each of them is available. Dark and light themes are provided. Night mode is available, which can be turned on automatically at a time set by the user. There are reading statistics. Users can compile their own library of works included in the reading plan or currently read. Telegram-bot helps to include texts and books into this library.

Main features

  • The utility provides an opportunity to speed up reading electronic texts by applying a special methodology;
  • there is no charge for downloading and using the application;
  • you can customize the speed of voicing, voice and languages;
  • text voicing is provided;
  • a large number of text file formats are supported;
  • the program is compatible with all working versions of Android OS.

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