Spot it

Spot it
Category: Entertainment
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 136


Spot it is a game for Android, in which you need to look for differences in two pictures. The application is aimed at primary school age and allows you to develop attention and observation. In the catalog is available a large number of drawn pictures on different topics.

Game principle

The rules are standard - two pictures are displayed, as well as the number of differences to be found. Images can consist of a different number of elements, which allows you to choose the right level of complexity.

Types of the game

Three game modes are provided. In the first case, the classic single mode is used - the user must find all the differences provided by the author. Some of them are quite difficult to find, which requires concentration and develops attentiveness. To indicate the detected element on it is enough to click on it. You can do this on any of the pictures - the element will be marked with a red circle. A system of difficulty levels is provided, the number of differences increases. This allows you to retain interest in the application for a long time, increasing your score. The second mode allows you to play in two. In this case, to win you need to find all the hidden differences faster than the opponent. You can arrange a full-fledged competition. The next mode uses a picture with a large number of characters and details. In the upper part of the window there is a set of silhouettes. The user needs to combine them with the corresponding images. Complicates the task that some of the elements are hidden behind other images. The game also develops attentiveness and thinking. A full list of rules is available in the corresponding section of the menu. Specifies the features of control, interface elements and so on. There is an opportunity to contact the developer.


  • classic game with the search for differences;
  • two-player mode;
  • additional game with silhouette search;
  • different levels of difficulty;
  • high quality music accompaniment;
  • free download.

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