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Maps Among us for Minecraft

Maps Among us for Minecraft
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 161


Maps Among us for Minecraft is an Android application for adding third-party addons and maps to the popular game. All content is stylized to the popular game Among Ace. It is worth considering that the application is not official, supported by enthusiasts from all over the world.


The program contains one addon and a map in the recognizable Among Us style. It also provides access to a set of skins. The built-in catalog is divided into convenient categories, there are no difficulties during navigation. Tooltips are available in the interface. During testing it was found that the interface uses intrusive advertising. It is forcibly launched after many user actions. It is impossible to disable it independently. At the same time, the developers use a scheme in which it is impossible to continue the installation until the video is not viewed to the end. Therefore, you need stable access to the Internet.


To be able to download, the program needs to be granted permission to work with the file system. The download is carried out in the default folder. To activate add-ons, the official Minecraft client must already be installed on the device. Further installation is carried out in automatic mode with minimal user involvement. The program detects the presence of the game on the device and transfers the files to the desired directory. After launching the game independently tracks the update. Complex settings or manual transfer of files is not required. The program is relatively easy to handle for users without experience. Step-by-step instructions are provided, which facilitate the installation of new content. If difficulties arise, you can contact the developers.


  • The application is unofficial;
  • convenient catalog with categories;
  • you can download addons and maps to the game;
  • the interface uses intrusive advertising;
  • free download.
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