Category: Other (System)
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
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ZXReader is a mobile smartphone application designed for viewing e-books. The utility offers extensive support for formats such as FB2, DOCX, ePub, TXT, providing compatibility with various encodings such as UTF-8 and Unicode. Moreover, the application integrates easily with online libraries.

Features and customization

The user interface allows you to download books stored on your phone or tablet and has a ton of settings for personalization. Various options are available in the bottom menu. You can choose a background background from your phone's gallery or download third-party fonts to make the text easier to read. You can also choose full-screen viewing mode and screen orientation: vertical or horizontal. For comfortable reading there is a convenient backlight with a brightness regulator. You can choose a day or night theme, it all depends on your convenience. In addition, integrated viewing of images and book covers right in the application.


In the Library section, the app stores information about the books that have already been read or are scheduled to be read. The user can use bookmarks to mark the place where they stopped in reading. It is also possible to skip to a specific page number, percentage or chapters.


  • Free to use: Users can download and use the app absolutely free of charge;
  • Support digital book formats;
  • Support for various encodings;
  • Bookmarks and page transitions;
  • Customization of themes, backgrounds and fonts;
  • Saving reading history;
  • Compatible with Android: 6.0 and higher.
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