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Doodle Face

Doodle Face
Category: Entertainment
System: Android 2.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 113


Doodle Face is an Android utility that allows you to generate drawn avatars. The images can be used externally or in built-in mini-games.


Built-in full-fledged photo editor, which contains a huge number of tools for creating unique characters. You can change skin color, gender, eye structure, facial features, accessories, hairstyle, additional attributes of professions and much more. A separate tool allows you to change the position of eyes and other elements. The built-in catalog gives you the opportunity to use different cartoon styles, which can be combined to create your own design. The next step gives you the opportunity to change the background and add a cloud with a short inscription. There is an undo tool to return to the desired step, as well as a function to save the intermediate result to continue working in the future. Experimenting with individual elements, you can form an image that resembles a certain person. This allows you to stand out in social networks by presenting a real user in an unexpected performance. The program uses two albums - for female and male characters. Additionally, completed projects are duplicated in the memory of the mobile device, the default directory is used.


Three adventure-style mini-games are built in. You can travel through the clouds, fly a helicopter or take a walk on the moon. In the near future, the developers promise to expand the catalog, but the timing is not disclosed. You can use the accelerometer to control the character by tilting the smartphone in the desired direction. Control by tapping on the desired area is also supported. Several modes are available, including competitions with other users. The list of records is saved in a separate tab.


  • You can create unique characters in cartoon style;
  • English interface;
  • built-in mini-games;
  • project can be saved as an image and used in social networks;
  • support for accelerometer control;
  • free download.

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