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Category: VPN
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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RiseupVPN is a utility for Android that allows you to bypass blocked websites and allows you to work anonymously online. You can change the IP address to hide the current geolocation. Modern technologies and reliable network infrastructure are used.


The application uses intermediate nodes in the process of work, which are located in different countries. This allows you to select the desired city from which requests to the final resource will come. Selecting the right country allows you to get full access to resources that are available only to local users. Automatic connection mode is provided. The server with the most optimal parameters - access speed, connection stability and others - is selected. Supported work in the background mode, which allows you to activate a permanent connection to the VPN.


The program allows you to ensure privacy while using the network. Strong encryption is used, which provides an additional layer of protection. Even when using public access points, the user can be sure that important information will not be stolen. It is not uncommon for attackers to use such systems to organize attacks. Developers emphasize that user actions are not tracked, information is not collected and stored on the server. There is a charge-saving mode, which allows you to significantly extend battery life. In the settings you can specify the programs and services that will not be affected by the virtual network mode. A number of experimental functions are built in. In particular, there is IPv6 blocking and manual configuration of the current access point. It is worth considering that this functionality requires root privileges.


  • The application provides access to VPN;
  • a large selection of servers in different countries;
  • access statistics;
  • charge saving mode;
  • free download.
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