Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 102


RocketDial is an Android application that allows you to work with your contacts list and make calls. A large number of design themes are provided. It is possible to view call history and activate speed dial mode.


The program allows you to manage your phonebook - add, edit and delete entries. It is positioned by the developers as a more functional application for managing the standard phonebook. In the settings you can activate the display of the subscriber's name or photo, as well as specify the type of number formatting. Additional photos are added at the editing stage. For convenient work with a large number of records, it is recommended to combine contacts into groups, for example, "Study", "Family" and so on. You can search by number or name. When you select a contact, a panel with available actions is displayed:
  • switch to dialing a message;
  • start a call
  • edit and view;
  • delete;
  • add to Favorites or a specified group.


The program allows you to start calling the active contact, a separate tab displays the call history, and there is also a function for creating notes. To protect against spam, a black list is provided, to which you can add numbers. You can save contacts that are called relatively often to the Favorites panel. Settings are available to customize the appearance of the application. For a radical change of design, you can download a suitable skin from an external server. This option allows you to bring the design to a common style.


  • alternative tool for working with the phone book;
  • built-in calendar;
  • support for third-party skins;
  • blacklist and favorites panel;
  • free download.

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