Category: Recording
System: Android 2.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 90


Zsight is an Android application from Zmodo specialists (video surveillance systems). The program allows you to connect a camera to your mobile device to view live video. Basic settings and screenshot creation function are available. Wireless network is used for connection.


To work with the program, you need to create an account. Only a password and email are specified. Next, you need to connect the camera and smartphone to one Wi-Fi network. Smart Link technology is provided, which simplifies the connection process, the user only needs to specify the ID and password to connect to the wireless network.


After launching the program, the network is automatically scanned and a list of all available devices is displayed. To connect, just select the desired camera in the list and confirm pairing. Further configuration is carried out in automatic mode. After completion, information about the connected device will be displayed. The program supports sending notifications to the administrator when motion is detected in the frame. It also automatically creates a series of screenshots, which are stored in the memory of the device. Feedback is provided. If the camera has speakers, you can send a voice message. In the process of viewing the broadcast, you can change the orientation of the picture, change the quality and other parameters. This allows you to provide comfortable viewing on any cell phone. A full list of all available functions can be found in the help section. The connection process, setup and viewing mode are described. There is a selection of useful recommendations. You can contact the developers in case of connection problems.


  • the ability to connect to a smartphone cameras from Zmodo;
  • access to live broadcasts;
  • notification of movement in the frame;
  • screenshot creation;
  • audio transmission to the camera;
  • free download.

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