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Weather forecast

Weather forecast
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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Weather forecast is an Android application that allows you to track the weather in a certain city. All necessary information is available, including wind direction, humidity, precipitation, and temperature. Geolocation can be changed in the settings.


Internet access is required for the program to work. It is also recommended to provide access to geolocation parameters at once. By default, the data is updated every hour, you can change it through the parameters. It is not recommended to set a short interval, as it reduces battery life. Several display modes are available - current information and forecast for a certain period. It is possible to find out the time of sunrise, atmospheric pressure, UV index and other information that can affect the user's well-being. The data are displayed in a convenient format and accompanied by clear icons. The "Radar" tab allows you to access an up-to-date climate map of the region. Various data are displayed in a convenient format: wind, humidity, clouds, currents, precipitation and so on. It is possible to hide certain parameters using the "Layers" tool, the corresponding icon is located at the top of the screen. This allows you to leave only the necessary elements for easy viewing. The service uses only verified sources, which ensures the most correct forecast.


The platform allows you to track the weather in different regions. It is possible to save several locations and conveniently switch between them. In the settings you can change the units of measurement, as well as the time format and composition of the displayed data. By default, a set of images is used as a background, which changes depending on the weather conditions. This mode allows you to clearly demonstrate the situation on the street. A separate option allows you to disable this function by switching to a monochrome background.


  • access to a detailed weather forecast for the selected region;
  • widget support;
  • customization of notifications;
  • large selection of settings;
  • visual climate map;
  • free download.
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