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Light cleaner

Light cleaner
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 121


Light cleaner is an Android application for improving system performance. All basic functions are available, including CPU cooling, cleaning unnecessary files and closing background processes. The current load on the smartphone hardware is displayed.


The main tool to improve performance is the forced unloading of background processes. In this case, the program immediately displays statistics on RAM usage, which allows you to immediately assess the effectiveness. Applications of this type are also popular with gamers, as they allow you to prepare the system for the launch of productive games. If the performance of the device is not enough, it becomes uncomfortable to play - interruptions and various artifacts are noticeable. The processor cooling function allows you to extend the life of all nodes. It also increases the stability of the device, because a good cooling system is quite difficult to fit into a compact case.


The following module allows you to flexibly configure the power saving mode. Three modes of operation are available. The application monitors active services and, if necessary, disables unnecessary ones, freeing up hardware resources. It is possible to scan the file system to find unnecessary files. You can delete temporary files, clear application cache, empty directories and so on. In many cases, this allows you to noticeably increase free space. It is worth bearing in mind that for correct operation, the utility requires a number of important permissions. In particular, it is necessary to provide the ability to change the system parameters of the system. A full list of all requirements and available functions can be found in the help. It is also possible to contact the developer in case of difficulties in the process of work.


  • The program contains a set of tools for system optimization;
  • cleaning temporary files;
  • increasing battery life;
  • free download.

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