Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 117


Reklaman is a program through which users are able to receive income for viewing advertisements. There is a referral system, which allows you to get additional profit for inviting friends. The application is equipped with a russified interface.


To start receiving money, a person only needs to launch the mobile utility and turn on the demonstration of advertising. Then the software will show similar content at times when a person receives an incoming call. The mobile program only pays for the ads shown if the user answers the incoming call. Otherwise, the software will assume that the user has not viewed the advertisement. After answering the call, the user will immediately receive money to the internal account of the mobile utility. You can view the current amount in a separate section of the software. The program supports several ways of withdrawing funds. One of them allows you to replenish the balance of the mobile number. The second method involves transferring money to the account attached to the account. At the same time, a person is allowed to connect to the utility both a bank card and an electronic wallet. It should be noted that at the time of testing the program, it was not possible to pass authorization. The utility gave an error about an unsuccessful login attempt.

Referral system

The mobile program has an additional method of generating profit. To use it, a person only needs to copy a unique link and send it to other people. If someone follows the user link and starts using the utility, the user will receive money for the invitation.


  • Russian-language interface text;
  • Free download of the utility and its subsequent use;
  • The possibility of generating income for viewing various advertisements;
  • There is a referral system;
  • Advertising is shown on incoming calls;
  • Full functionality on many versions of the Android system;
  • Ability to withdraw money in different ways, including transfer to a bank card.

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