Category: Other (Security)
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
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Lockwatch is a software compatible with Android gadgets such as phones and tablets. With the help of the functionality implemented in the utility, users can secure their device from unauthorized unlock attempts. Some of the program features are not available without paying for a subscription.

Start of use

In order for the mobile application to carry out its work, a person needs to allow her to use the memory, microphone and camera. In the future, the program will function in the background mode, without revealing its presence. Due to this, an unauthorized person will not know that his attempt to unlock the gadget has been noticed.

Free functionality

If the user wants to use the software for free, then he will have access to only one option. It is responsible for sending an alert to the user's personal email when an attempt to unlock the gadget fails. The message sent by the mobile program contains data about the location of the device and a picture of the intruder's face.

Paid features

The purchase of a premium subscription opens a person a number of additional functions. Among them are present:
  • Recording a short duration audio file;
  • Re-sending an alert;
  • Creating multiple photos instead of just one;
  • Notifications about SIM card replacement;
  • Sending a notification when the portable device is turned on.
  • With these features, a person will be able to receive more information about attempts to unlock their device.


  • Free installation and use of basic functionality;
  • Simple Russian language interface;
  • Correct work on most versions of the mobile system;
  • The utility is able to create photos;
  • Ability to receive emails about unsuccessful attempts to unlock your tablet or phone;
  • Additional functions are opened after purchasing a subscription.
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