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System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Bitsdaq is an official app that was developed by a cryptocurrency exchange of the same name. The app is created specifically for users to trade their digital assets, track digital currency rates, conduct P2P transactions and so on. All of this is available from a single app on a cell phone.

Creation History

This exchange was created back in 2019. Initially, it was launched in Hong Kong, where it got its first popularity. A few years later, the developers entered the global market, allowing all users from any country to actively register and use the services of the exchange. But still, Bitsdaq is aimed at working with the residents of Asia.


The main type of operations in this exchange is trading. Users work with trading pairs to make money on short-term rate changes. For this purpose, there are as many as 80 trading pairs and 30 unique types of cryptocurrency. With the help of special functions for fast rate tracking and analytics, it is possible to make instant decisions with a minimum amount of time. Note that all trades within this utility are stored in an internal database.

Account and security

To get access to Bitsdaq functions, you will need to go through the registration procedure and verify your identity. Verification will allow you to get access to withdraw money from the exchange. In addition, security is also provided by high-quality SSL encryption.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

This exchange does not know how to work with fiat money. Only tokens can be deposited here with the help of an exchanger or any e-wallet you already have. The exchange takes a commission of 0.25 percent of the transaction.

Main features

  • The program provides access to the cryptocurrency exchange;
  • Provides access to trading;
  • Secures transactions with SSL encryption;
  • Takes a commission of 0.25 percent from each transaction.

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