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System: Android 8.0
Program Status: Free
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DeepL is a useful mobile client that makes it possible to get translations of various texts. It accommodates an assortment of a huge number of languages, which makes it versatile. The utility has a variety of tools, which include voicing the results and the ability to send via messengers. Translations are performed as quickly as possible, so users get the result instantly. The interface can be mastered by any user, even beginners, as it is intuitive and structured.


This software has artificial intelligence. Therefore, translation is performed as quickly and accurately as possible. The translation process is started after the first characters are entered, as the software has implemented rapid text recognition. To type information, you need to use the virtual keyboard. In addition, you can paste the copied text from the clipboard. The presented utility can translate information between 26 languages. As their examples, you can find English, Chinese, Russian, Romanian, French and many more. The language of the text that was entered in the corresponding field is automatically determined.


In the software, the result can be copied to the clipboard. If desired, you can voice it by clicking on the horn at the bottom of the display. You can also select American or British pronunciation of English. The work done can be sent via messengers or social media to share with friends. In general, there are quite a lot of possibilities, which strongly distinguishes this translator from competitive analogs.


  • Personal translator, which includes a huge number of languages;
  • the presence of a virtual keyboard of a mobile device, which can be used in the utility;
  • the ability to voice the result;
  • network connection is required;
  • the ability to share via social networks and other web resources;
  • free distribution of the program.

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