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A special application, the Finale sheet music editor, allows you to simplify and facilitate your work with musical notation. The program is an official product from the American company "MakeMusic", which is one of the leading firms in the field of music technology development. The advanced software offers to work with sheet music in a convenient format, while using various tools.


Among the many familiar text editors, the Finale program stands apart. MakeMusic made a breakthrough in music technology when it developed the first sheet music editor in 1988. Finale is now a modern and unique solution for people in the music industry.


The music editor creates and edits music sheets. If there is a need to work in hard copy, the application will easily print the required sheet music. Quite detailed customization and a lot of parameters allow you to personally adjust the editor to your taste. The scaling of an individual sheet of music reaches a percentage of 5-100%. The program allows you to change both external components of the sheet of music, it is working with the display (vertical or horizontal display), and internal, where Finale adjusts the size of notes and their indents. Also in the application has a rich database of fonts, which provide a rich choice of user.

Additional features

The basic functionality of the software is complemented by various interesting features. For example, there is an opportunity to share your work with other users. To do this, you need to register in the service and find your listener. If the user will not be enough basic tools, it can be expanded by installing third-party plugins and get new functions. Well, at the end, an interesting feature of Finale will be playing the music sheets created in the application. The application connects MIDI keyboards and starts playing the user's musical creations.


  • universal and convenient editor for sheet music;
  • saving created works in PDF format;
  • user-friendliness and possibility to customize the editor to your taste;
  • the program supports installation of a hundred plug-ins;
  • playback of written works;
  • trial version for 30 days and some limitations;
  • absence of Russian interface, but availability of third-party russifiers for the editor.

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