Category: Other (System)
System: Android 2.3
Program Status: Free
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Dormi is a software designed to track the sleep of a small child. It is possible to view the broadcast with sound and video. Android program requires a stable Internet connection to work. Using the free version of the utility is limited in time.


First, a person will need to carry out synchronization between the portable gadget and the device that will conduct a live broadcast. For this purpose, another tablet or phone will do. To successfully synchronize the devices, they must be connected to a common Wi-Fi network. Connection via mobile networks, including 4G, is also supported. After the synchronization process is complete, the user will be able to monitor their child's sleep. For this purpose, the mobile utility conducts a live broadcast, which can be viewed from a portable device. At the same time, the application broadcasts not only video, but also sound. A special feature of the program is that it is able to independently adjust the sensitivity of the microphone used. In addition to the above functions, this utility is able to calm the child. To do this, the user needs to click on one of the two special buttons in the interface.


If a user uses the free version of the mobile program, he/she has limited access to the built-in functionality. Every month the application gives a few free hours. If you want to use the program on a regular basis, you will have to buy a premium subscription.


  • The program works on new and old versions of Android;
  • Ability to monitor a child's sleep;
  • The utility is able to broadcast video, as well as sound;
  • Mobile Internet or Wi-Fi is used for synchronization;
  • There are options for soothing a waking child;
  • The free version of the application has a time limit.
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