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System: Android 5.0
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The official Jakdojade utility for Android smartphones makes it easier to use public transportation in Poland. With the app, you can view timetables for buses, suburban trains, trolleybuses and streetcars in most Polish cities. Fare payment is available. The user can follow the movement of transportation using GPS navigation.

Preparatory stage

Visitors and residents of Poland can use the utility in the same way as the Play24 od Play program. First, the user needs to specify the city in which he is located. In addition, it is necessary to give the utility access to the location of the mobile device.

Route planning and tolls

The purpose of the main page of the program is to plan the path. With its help, the user can get to the desired place using urban public transport. The application finds the optimal route, shows stops and calculates travel time. Notifications about transportation delays are supported. Tracking of its movement using GPS in online mode is available. This function is not yet available in all cities of the country. There is a general map that shows the routes of all types of public transportation in the selected locality. Internet fare payment is available.

Additional options

The utility contains advertising. To disable it, you need to buy the premium version of the program. It gives access to a number of additional functions, including detailed GPS navigation with messages about connections.

Main features

  • the application provides an opportunity to follow the movement of public transportation in Polish cities;
  • a map of stops and public transportation timetables are available;
  • the utility can be downloaded and used free of charge;
  • online fare payment is available;
  • it is possible to plan routes;
  • the program is compatible with all working versions of Android OS.

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