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Vocal Image

Vocal Image
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
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Vocal Image utility for Android allows you to train your speech apparatus and improve your vocal data. With its help, everyone can develop basic public speaking skills, improve vocal abilities, as well as work on articulation and diction.


On the main display of the program there is a ribbon, where new training materials in video format are continuously included. Swiping in the left direction brings you to the second tab, where you can find all the training and exercises in the format of small videos with descriptions of the tasks to be solved. The third tab contains intensives and author's courses, access to which is paid.

Additional options

The advanced features are designed for users who are serious vocalists, giving speeches to large audiences, or videoblogging. They provide more intensive training and give you the opportunity to record your voice and receive comments from the creator of the method. In addition, the user gets access to five video courses of lectures that go deeper into the main causes of problems with breathing, pronunciation and voice. They contain information on psychosomatics and psycholinguistics, as well as recommendations for correcting identified problems. Thirty-day courses with daily videos are designed for those who want to improve their speech and vocal skills in the shortest possible time.

Main features

  • the program allows you to improve your vocal abilities and speech skills;
  • the program is free to download and use;
  • Thirty-day intensive courses are available;
  • the content is continuously updated with new training materials in video format;
  • premium content is designed for speakers, singers and bloggers who make YouTube videos;
  • additional features are available for a fee;
  • the program is compatible with working versions of Android.

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