Category: Players
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 142


Neutron is a utility for Android, which is a player with a set of professional functions. All current file formats are supported. It is based on its own sound engine, which provides high sound quality and minimal load on the hardware of the device.

Main features

The program works correctly with external and internal DACs, and is also capable of streaming content to network devices - DLNA, UPnP, Chromecast and so on. Network drives can also be used as a data source. Clear prompts are used in the configuration process. The presence of its own engine allows you to use the program on different platforms, because audio processing does not depend on the operating system. It also ensures minimal loss of quality.


The program is oriented to the professional sector, so the interface contains a large number of settings and options, which may discourage beginners. Spectrum analyzer, graphic and parametric equalizer are built in, creation and saving of sound profiles for different tasks is supported. There are timers for switching off and on. Modern protocols provide work with minimal delay. Additionally, all the standard options for an audio player are provided. You can activate mixing, looping of the entire list or a separate song. After installing the program, the file system is automatically scanned. All supported files are displayed in the library, which allows you to conveniently manage them. You can filter, sort by various parameters and much more.


  • A large number of functions and modules are provided;
  • all common formats are supported;
  • local network broadcasting;
  • playlist creation;
  • own engine;
  • free download.

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