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Category: Services
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
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MOTTO CLUB - this application allows you to purchase fuel for vehicles in Ukraine. The program will help you find the nearest gas station, if necessary, using geolocation. Users can buy gasoline or fuel at a discount without using a bank card. It is enough to use the presented utility.

Fuel purchase and navigation

The program is designed for consumers of MOTTO filling station service, who can buy gasoline at a remote distance from home. The users can follow the prices and promotions, which are constantly held by the company. It is possible to buy fuel at the gas station if the cashier shows a QR code and even at a discounted price. If it is not available, it is necessary to use the application. To make it work without problems, it is necessary to register with the indication of the phone number and details of the plastic card. The history of all operations is saved, in order to monitor spending. If desired, you can enter by pin-code to ensure the protection of your funds. If necessary, you can determine the nearest gas station by navigation, if you apply GPS. The utility will automatically show the nearest route. It will also indicate the fuel prices at the gas station. Users can follow the current news and the cost of services of the same network. They can apply for car insurance at a remote location. In addition, there is feedback drivers can leave a review with an assessment, and if there are difficulties with refueling, a report with photos.

Features that differ from similar programs

Among them, the following points can be noted:
  • It is possible to purchase fuel at a discount;
  • Protection of money by setting a pin code;
  • There is a navigation system;
  • The history of all fuel costs at the gas stations of the network is saved;
  • Installation and use is free of charge for all users;
  • Operation is possible on all devices with Android system.

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