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Expo Invest

Expo Invest
Category: Finance
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Expo Invest is a utility from Expobank that helps to invest money in private investments. Users with a competent and correct approach can make a solid profit from it. In the course of the program operation, you can view any quotes and evaluate your assets. The work is carried out on mobile devices that have an up-to-date Android system. The application is created specifically for private investing.

Investment opportunities

Expobank has developed a utility for those who wish to invest their money in the development of major firms and companies in order to receive income from them in the form of profit in the future. It is designed for private investment, when you can make various transactions on stock exchanges, where you can buy or sell bonds and other securities. In addition, other types of investments are possible, including playing on major stock exchanges and working with mutual funds and ETFs. The user always has a choice. He can invest both in Russian stocks and foreign stocks. The program has the possibility of consultations of the appropriate nature. Entry is possible with a login and password, which were created in the client base of the bank. Users can only buy shares of progressive companies in Russia. Among them we can mention Gazprom, Lukoil, Aeroflot and other promising large organizations. If you use sorting, you can follow the necessary quotes. It is possible to customize notifications about the growth of a particular stock value. In the "Portfolio" category, information on all deposits is always available. The user can evaluate his assets at any time and get data from stock and currency accounts.

Distinctive features

The following points can be attributed to them:
  • There is an opportunity to invest and profit from large Russian firms and companies;
  • Access to the capital stock exchanges and online investments in the St. Petersburg city trading;
  • It is possible to get advice on any question of interest;
  • Installation and use costs the user is completely free;
  • The work is carried out on all modern Android systems.
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