Category: Online shopping and shopping
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Zapper - this application allows users to pay bills from cafes and restaurants. It was developed with the participation of a provider of the same name from the UK and created specifically for mobile devices with Android version. The utility at its core presents a service for making quick payments in the catering industry. It is enough to scan the presented QR code. There is also an opportunity to give "tips" to the service personnel through a bank card.

Authorization, bill payment and search for establishments

To use the proposed utility, you need to go through the authorization process by specifying your name and e-mail. Then bind the plastic card to the profile. Information about the banking product can be specified manually or you can use the camera of the mobile device, which automatically counts the necessary information. The program is provided for payment of checks in catering establishments (cafes and restaurants). Payment is possible if there is a QR code. After scanning it is enough to press one key to calculate the order. The user can share the payment of money with his friends. If desired, it is possible to transfer a "tip" to the waiter through the card. The application provides for saving all monetary transactions. A user can find a cafe or a restaurant, which are in close proximity to him with the payment by QR code. Such a service is available if you allow to transfer the location of the device.

Features of the presented program

The following features can be referred to them:
  • Installation and use is absolutely free for users;
  • It is possible to pay bills in catering establishments if there is a QR code;
  • It is possible to use the utility by entering the necessary information from a bank card;
  • It is possible to divide the payment into parts between several people;
  • Transfer "tips" if desired;
  • Work is performed on phones and tablets with modern versions of Andr oid.

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