Category: Recording
System: Android 1.6
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 122


TubeX is a program that functions on Android phones and tablets. This program allows users to download videos from the YouTube platform. It also allows you to watch content through the application without using the official version of the video hosting.

Viewing videos

With the help of the utility, the user can watch videos as well as in the official client of the previously mentioned video hosting service. The interface of the program completely copies the original service. To watch the video material you are interested in, you need to click on it. Then the software will open the built-in player. A number of playback control tools are available in it. Among them: rewind, activate subtitles, open the content to the full screen, pause, change the speed and so on. If a person logs into an account from the YouTube platform, he will be able to follow the release of new videos from channels added to subscriptions. Also, the user will have the opportunity to comment on publications, put dislikes and likes. If desired, any video material can be added to your own playlist. In a separate section there is an archive that displays a list of previously viewed content. The user can also go to the application settings and disable the display of videos with inappropriate content.

Downloading videos

The main difference between this program and the original client is the presence of a free tool for downloading materials to the memory of the device. Thanks to this, a person can download a video and watch it when there is no connection to the network. A full list of downloaded videos is available in the corresponding section.


  • Free application, compatible with new and old versions of OC;
  • Allows you to download videos from YouTube ;
  • a built-in player for viewing content is available;
  • All features of the official video hosting client are available.

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